I’ll tell you what I did with a whole basket

One day, when dh was watching tv, I casually said, “hey, why don’t you do me a favor and match these socks while you’re sitting there?” And then I gave him my basket of hopeless sock orphans (amassed over several years), and slyly retired into the background to watch. He worked…and worked…and worked… very methodically of course, setting out each orphan separately on the coffee table, waiting for its mate to appear, which of course it never did.

Finally, when he had gotten THIRTY-SEVEN socks strewn out all around him (coffee table, couch, floor,) and not one pair among them, he looked up in complete frustration … and caught me laughing my you-know-what off.

So, if nothing else, save all those socks for April Fool’s Day – or the next time your dh asks why the laundry hasn’t been sorted yet.

This is a good thread to start. i have a basket that I put unmatched socks in (so they don’t clog up my sock drawer) and got through them about once a week to see if I can find any matches. Some have been hanging in there for awhile so its kinda nice to get some ideas on what to do with them. I guess I missed the most obvious-sock puppets! Now, I did make some really cute snowman ornaments out of baby/toddler socks last year, so I may save some of the good ones to make this year.

well as i have basket full of socks i am about to match (tomorrow while doing freeride and the magic bus rides LOL!!) i am thinking of what to do with the ones i cannot find matches too here is what i plan to do

# 1 – dust rags, paint rags – cleaning rags

# 2 – if they are in really good condition but without a match you can make no-sew-doll clothes out of them – depending on the size of the sock and the doll (very small socks would be good for barbies larger sizes for larger dolls ) you cut at the toe the size you would need for undies – the toes area is the bottom the cut area the waist band- cut two leg wholes – then you cut the mid section ( which looks really neat if it is a ribbed sock) as the shirt – playsuit- cut the length you would need to go from the dolls neckline to over the “pantie”s cut arm holes in it – you can even roll it over 1 x at the collar to make a turtleneck like collar – then with the remaining you can make a headband- hat – or even a skirt – these are great for a quick new outfit for a little ones baby doll – but if left unseen will eventually fray

# 3 – put some way for crafts etc if they are in good enough condition

What I do is take/steal an idea from Amy D’s books. I buy 20 or 30 pairs of identical socks at a time then don’t bother matching. Every time I reach in to the drawer, all I have to do is grab the first two socks my hands land on and I’ve got a match! Then if I lose/wear out a single sock, all I’ve lost is a single sock. When the quantity of individual socks gets low enough, I just go and buy 20 or 30 more identical ones. Yes, I have a high initial outlay of cash; however, in the long run it not only saves me time, but also money.