Well i had a very unfrugal day

I used a lot of gas as i had to run all over several different towns – i had to go to my OB to get my RX for my 16 week blood work they forgot about at my APPT monday – then i had to go to a lab in another town that would accept my insurance – along teh way we stopped at a book warehouse and I let each child pick out a low price book – but we did also get a neat book about famous baseball pitchers for ds’s best friend whose b-day party is tomorrow and who is relay into being a b-ball pitcher – its a $35 book we got for $5 –

then we went to the uniform store and i ordered Ds a tie and 2 pairs of pants (a lot of people gave us pants in the past but none are the right size ) that was 42.00 ( UGH) just out of curiosity i had him try on the 60$ jackets ( blazer) and was very happy to see that it looked no different than the $4 one i got him at the thrift store –

THEN as i was really beat and in no mood to make lunch when we got home i went thru the McD’s drive thru on the way home- on a bright side todays special was a 6 pc chicken mcnugget for 89c do three of them and a large fry was under 5$.

at least dinner will be frugal we are having spaghetti – will cost maybe 1.75 for the whole meal LOL!!