Logging in with my two cents worth

We just tiled 500 square feet a couple of weeks ago. We eliminated lino for two reasons: 1. we would need to seam it to cover the room; and 2. as do-it-yourself-ers, one mistake can be a major problem when working with a big ole sheet of lino, but one mistake on a 12/12 tile is just one tile lost. A major psychological boon. We chose to use the commercial tile (59 cents a square foot at Lowes–add another 10 cents or so for the adhesive cost. Nice heavy duty stuff–which we needed because the room is rented out. Although ability to wear was a primary concern, I was pleasantly surprised at the range of colors available.

Ended up using a really pretty desert color called earthstone. (I wanted to checkerboard the tile, but dh reminded me to be realistic about our skill level–halfway thru, boy was I glad that saner minds had prevailed!) It was definitely more work than the self-stick stuff but it was the best balance of durability and dollar cost for us. I’ve done a couple of floors with the self stick tile and it is just like putting a puzzle together.

Really easy and so satisfying to see it go down so quickly. Only caution though, is to choose your colors carefully. We laid a mostly white floor in a bathroom and I was never happy with how the tiles looked at the join mark–like a very thin dark grout line. Whereas we had done a kitchen in a mottled beige that looked just like one sheet of flooring when we were done. Good luck with your project and so sorry about how it came about.