Need lino installation help

We are in the middle of a major catastrophe in my house. The hot water tank burst (second in 6 years). When the plumber came and tried to empty it he found that it was clogged with water softener beads.

He replaced the hot water tank and we purchased a new water softener. We pulled up the lino in the bedroom (we live in a trailer and both tanks are in a wall beside the bedroom) and the sub floor needs to be replaced as the plywood is soaked and starting to delaminate. Dh is replacing the sub floor and we think we can put in new lino ourselves. This mess has already cost us $1300. and we don’t want to spend anymore.

Does anyone have any experience installing lino? Can we do this ourselves or should we call someone? We live in a very small town and the workmanship of at least one of the floor layers is pretty awful.