Thanks for the input and encouragement

I think I’ll request a debit card from our bank. I picked up the application a while ago, but was slightly offended by my bank’s monthly fee for having one….(only a dollar a month but oh, they make me so mad sometimes….) Come January, I should have about 3 months’ living expenses in savings. At that point, given a few month trial run with the debit card, I’ll look at this decision again. We have a business trip to Seattle in November which should test everything nicely.

I am also thinking that Tonya’s idea to lower my credit limit is an excellent idea. I lowered one card to use on the net – I figured any fraud would be quickly curtailed by the low limit, but left the other “main” card at the limit as given by the company. Who would just love for me to run it up…..a few years back when we were using the credit card waaayyy too much – (moving, new job, new house etc), they just kept raising my limit.

It’s funny because I almost think that they have psychologists on staff. I had a “comfort zone” of keeping the balance at about half of the total limit–didn’t seem like I was out of control if I wasn’t near “max”. And it sure seemed that they recognized that…..half of a thousand isn’t that much but half of 15,000 sure is.