Some time back I remember a thread about Super Wal-Marts

Well, we now have 2 within 20 miles that just opened Wednesday. I think someone said they always check their receipt because WM is notorious for getting things wrong.

I can sure see why! The sale items didn’t ring up with a name of the item – just a bunch of gibberish and numbers! Next time I go, I’m going to write everything down with the price on the shelf and double-check it against the receipt. That sounds a little anal, doesn’t it? LOL! But, I always check my receipts anyway – WM just makes it more work.

And they made good on the prepackaged fabric bundles! It is such a weird experience to go into the “fabric” department (I use that term loosely) and feel like you are buying sheets and tablecloths. Everything is in folded squares or plastic wrapped. The whole experience is just so foreign.

Where’s the chance to see all the colors and patterns at a glance? Not there!

The clerks did say that if enough people complain, they will change it back to a regular fabric department. And I did, in spades. There are a lot of home sewers around here and I’m sure they will get an earful.

One thing to remember is that Wal-Mart guarantees their prices. If they undercharge you at the register, you get it at the lower price.

If they overcharge you [the only exception being competition busters which has to be manually price overridden anyway], they give you three dollars off the item, or the item for free which ever is lower.

One thing, though, is that it has to be identical sized containers. If Kroger is selling Kroger Brand OJ for $0.99/half-gallon, they won’t let you get a full gallon jug of Wal-Mart OJ for $1.98.

And I know what you mean, I walk out of there with free or discounted merchandise all the time! At my Supercenter, though, they don’t like giving you the discount. Unless you ask for it, they will only price-override it for the correct price. And even then, most cashiers are so incompetent that they won’t give you the discount [even though you can show them the policy printed right there on their register] without consulting a CSM [perhaps it’s a conspiracy to make it just inconvenient enough that most people will just give up and leave].

Anyway, is WM any cheaper than Winco? (For those of you who have both)